About Kid’s Teeth

Even before your infants first tooth erupts, you should be wiping the gums with a washcloth every night to establish a routine for caring for their mouth. Once teeth begin to erupt, a small rounded toothbrush should be used with or without toothpaste. The actual brushing is the most important, not the toothpaste. By school age, toothpaste can be added since they are able to brush then spit out the remaining toothpaste. Swallowing toothpaste is not good for your tummy or you teeth! Mom and dad should always finish, especially at night time. Remember, they should be brushing for two minutes and two times a day…and there is an app for that! On all of the toothbrushes we put in their goodie bags, there is a Crest timer app to make brushing more fun. Another “two” is visiting the dentist 2 times a year. We are able to detect cavities, correct bad habits, check for developmental issues and give those teeth a super duper good cleaning! What your kids eat and drink can make a big difference in preventing cavities. City water contains the perfect amount of fluoride (.75ppm) to make kids teeth strong and resistant to cavities, but it only works for the teeth you can’t see. The fluoride they drink is incorporated into the developing tooth making it stronger when it erupts. Eating the right foods can make a difference too. Sticky treats such as gummy bears, licorice, raisins and fruit snack get in between the teeth and is difficult for a child to clean. Meal time is a good time for treats whether sticky or just plain chocolate, but snacks should be water, fruit and veggies! One final tip for teens…diet pop and sports drinks might have less sugar, but they are loaded with acid; acid causes tooth decay! So, have a diet coke, but with your meal and don’t sip it!

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