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Children’s Dentistry

At what age should my child see a dentist?

We love babies! We love children! But, we know WE can be intimidating with the masks, gloves and white coats. We like kids to come with YOU to your hygiene visits before the age of one- no expectations, just a chance to see mom or dad or grandma or grandpa get their teeth cleaned. If you are uncomfortable not having someone right there with your child…bring a babysitter or grandma! The more exposure to a dental visit before their first time in the chair, the less anxiety. We will talk to you about how to care for your baby’s/toddler’s teeth. Our main goal is to establish a routine for brushing teeth. For babies, this will be a wet washcloth mom or dad rubs on their gums.

Why should my child see a dentist if the baby teeth fall out?

Baby teeth do fall out, but they serve a very important role in your child’s development, speech, and chewing. It also allows us to establish a good routine and good dental habits.

How often should they see the dentist?

There is no set rule, but we suggest every six months. Our goal is to detect decay, correct bad habits, and evaluate any developmental issues.

About your kid’s teeth

Even before your infant’s first tooth erupts, you should be wiping the gums with a washcloth every night to establish a routine for caring for their mouth. Once teeth begin to erupt, a small rounded toothbrush should be used with or without toothpaste. The actual brushing is the most important, not the toothpaste. By school age, toothpaste can be added since they are able to brush and then spit out the remaining toothpaste.

Understanding Fluoriude

Along with regular brushing and flossing, fluoride is one of the most effective elements for preventing tooth decay. There are two ways fluoride help teeth; topical such as toothpaste and fluoride at the hygiene visit, and systemic such as drinking fluoridated water. Topical fluoride helps teeth fight cavities and can re-mineralize teeth that are beginning to decay. The only caution with fluoride toothpaste is spitting! If your child is too young to spit…use a non-fluoride toothpaste.

Contact Us To Learn More About Pediatric Dental Care

If you have any questions about taking care of your child’s teeth or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. You can call Marcotte Dental in Farmington Hills, MI, at (248) 426-0011.