Philosophy & Purpose

Our purpose is to educate the people of our community and practice about good dental health and its benefits. For our patients, who embrace this concept, we provide unrivaled dentistry in a fun environment creating an exceptional experience and lifelong relationship.

Paramount Services and Products

We promise to understand patient needs, accurately diagnose dental needs and thoroughly explain dental treatment. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art dentistry utilizing premium materials and concepts. With these tools, our office will create healthy, functional and beautiful smiles for tomorrow.

Sophisticated Patients

Patients, who understand superior quality preventive and restorative dentistry is the passage to long term health, are the foundation of our practice. They believe the treatment we recommend is done with their best interest at heart. Patients accept responsibility for their dental health and realize superb home care is essential. In return for our best efforts, they agree to habitual re-care appointments and demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

Our Future

Dentistry is a rapidly changing discipline. We are committed to evaluating new products and procedures, and educating ourselves habitually, ensuring innovative dental care. Our team is expected to attend continuing education courses necessary to function at the highest level. Marcotte Dental Associates will provide an atmosphere conducive to growth and learning. Change is not always comfortable, but without change there can be no growth.

Commanding Leadership

Visionary leadership provides inspiration and encouragement enabling each team member to reach new heights. Our leader serves the team by soliciting feedback of each individual’s performance, including her own. It is everyone’s responsibility to use that information to maintain focus of our purpose. Each team member will be given clear expectations of duties and will receive feedback of their achievements. Marcotte Dental Associates will maintain a forum of free interchange of ideas, where a problem or mistake becomes an opportunity to learn. Responsibility is expected and blame in unacceptable.

Comprehensive Business Management

We will adhere to steady business practices to ensure the success of our office. Our fees will be fair, commensurate with the quality of services, staff and materials. In order to thrive, each area of our practice must be profitable. Our staff will be responsible as area managers to collect and interpret statistical trends and practice monitors.